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An eCommerce website allows visitors to find their products, add them to their “cart,” and securely enter their payment information to complete their purchase. Find out how we built this eCommerce for Biogénesis Bagó.

Delivery Web design & WordPress Dev.
Duration 12 weeks

The Client

Biogénesis Bagó is a biotech company that investigates, develops, produces and sells animal health products and services. It is the leading animal pharmaceutics company in Latin America, with over 80 years of experience in animal health.

The Need

To set up a simple-to-use collaborative procurement platform where they could launch marketing campaigns offering discounts to their buyers.

The project consisted in having buyers sign up on the platform, choose the products they want to purchase and then pick them up at their local vet, paying a lower than the average price. The more products they bought as a group, the higher the discount they would get.


The Goal

The goal was essentially to create a platform for marketing campaigns. To achieve that, on the one hand we needed to build an intuitive e-commerce-like platform that could offer a flawless online experience. On the other hand, it also had to be built with the purpose of achieving the company’s business goals: generating millions in sales and collecting plenty of valuable customer data.

Offering the best online experience

Not only was the design tailor-made for the customer, but the development of the platform was also custom-built specifically for our client’s needs. Keeping the business goal in mind and aiming for the best possible user experience, we created a customized WordPress theme from scratch, optimized for performance and conversion.

With all the particular features this platform needed, the default, off-the-shelf WordPress setup was far from meeting our client’s needs. As often happens with these ready-made, one-size-fits-all solutions, it fell short in delivering all the specific functionalities this platform required.

But far from being a problem, these are great opportunities to showcase the power of customization. We created a variety of custom plugins to meet the expected flows and include all the extra functionalities the platform required.

Among these features were the possibility to calculate the discount price depending on the amount of purchases, or being able to send custom Promo Codes after checking out to claim your discount on withdrawal points. These additions enhanced the experience for both the users and the client.


Making it easy

This type of platform is very useful for getting a great amount of trustworthy, curated data from Biogénesis Bagó’s final customers; but they first needed their customers to want to sign up.
The platform needed to offer an astonishing, streamlined purchase flow for the users. Also, the benefits for customers had to be irresistible in order for more and more customers to sign up.

Plus, we had to consider that our target users are from the rural business, so they may not be very familiar with these types of platforms. That’s why every decision we made was oriented towards making the experience as simple and as self-explanatory as possible.


Perfecting the checkout experience

Even though users were not going to be making payments on the platform, it was clear that the best way to go was for the flow of the site to follow that of an e-commerce. Having a catalogue with all the products, setting up an internal search engine and having a checkout process in the fashion of an e-commerce website was the most straightforward way for users to understand the functionalities of the platform.

To do this, we integrated WooCommerce to the website, the most widely used WordPress plugin for e-commerce solutions. Being the most famous e-commerce plugin, using WooCommerce was the easiest way to ensure the platform structure is familiar to everyone.



Biogénesis Bagó wanted a way to increase their sales while also getting to know their customers better. We built a platform for them to achieve this goal. The results were incredible: with 3 campaigns concluded, Biogénesis Bagó achieved multi-million dollar profits with thousands of products sold via the platform. In fact, their revenue almost tripled from the first to the second campaign. And, at the same time, they got +500 vets and +1600 suppliers to sign up to the platform, offering first-hand quality customer information. Cheers to that!

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