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We are a software development company from Argentina with the goal of creating superb, cost-efficient WordPress solutions for the world.

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Our History

20 15

White Canvas is Born.

After 5 years working as a freelancer, Nicolas Pisani decided to hire his first employee and change the freelance business into an agency with one goal, to create the best WordPress solutions.

20 16

Double or nothing.

Things were going great and we doubled the team from 2 to 4 team members.

20 17

100+ completed projects and moving to a private Office at CoWorking Space.

We hit the 100+ successful projects landmark, and the team was still growing so we decided to move from an open space to a private office at the CoWorking.

20 18

First US Clients

Being the number one agency in Argentina wasn't enough for us, so we decided to start looking for business in the US, and managed to land a few clients who trusted and keep trusting us.

20 19

Brand new office

The number of team members kept growing and we decided to open our own brand new office outside the CoWorking space, little did we know the pandemic was about to strike 😞.

20 21

Full Remote, team growth and landing on a new continent

After one year of working remotelly due to the pandemic, we realized that the team was working just as good, if not better. Having a local office didn't make sense for us anymore, so we shut it down and decided to go fully remote. During 2020 we managed to hire excellent talent all over the country and the team grew to 20 people.
We also managed to grow our commercial efforts and landed a few clients in Spain and the UK, shooting to be the number one WordPress agency, this time World Wide!

20 22

Exciting new stuff coming soon!

Meet the Team

nico-profile-avatar https://wcanvas.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Nico-Humano-300x300.png
Hi! I’m Nicolas

Nicolas Pisani


sofi-profile-avatar https://wcanvas.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Sofi-Humano-300x300.png
Hi! I’m Sofia

Sofia Schaigorodsky


Hi! I’m Noe

Noe Coronel

QA Analyst

Hi! I’m Benja

Benja Leguizamon

Front End Dev.

ale-profile-avatar https://wcanvas.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Ale-Humano-300x300.png
Hi! I’m Ale

Ale Contreras

UX/UI Designer

Hi! I’m Mariano

Mariano Timistit

Front End Dev.

vasile-avatar https://wcanvas.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Vasile-Web-1-300x300.png
Hi! I’m Vasile

Vasile T.

Project Manager

Aldi-avatar https://wcanvas.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Aldana-Web-300x300.png
Hi! I’m Aldana

Aldana Belando

Project Manager

Hi! I’m Nechi

Nechi Maffei

Project Manager

I am passionate about solving problems, identifying solutions and making things easier and more accesible to everyone. User needs are my main focus when I'm designing a new product, and of course the client's needs and expectations. I'm also a great cook and love camping in the mountains!

Hi! I’m Facu

Facu Gamond

Front End Dev.

cande-profile-avatar https://wcanvas.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Cande-Humano-300x300.png
Hi! I’m Cande

Cande Monti

Office Assistant

Hi! I’m Cris

Cris Uhrig

Full Stack Dev.

Hi! I’m Ivan

Ivan Delgado

Project Manager

Hi! I’m Sebastian

Sebastian Portesi


emanuel-profile-avatar https://wcanvas.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Ema-Humano-300x300.png
Hi! I’m Emanuel

Emanuel Acuña Gimenez

Full Stack Dev.

Hi! I’m Tomi

Tomi Bellometti

Front End Dev.

Hi! I’m Gabriel

Gabriel Uanini

Full Stack Dev.

Hi! I’m Florencia

Florencia Parra

QA Analyst

Hi! I’m César

César Muzio

Full Stack Dev.

Hi! I’m Juan

Juan Cruz Mateos

Full Stack Dev.

Hi! I’m Lucía

Lucía Paciello

Front End Dev.

Hi! I’m Anto

Anto Caldera

Project Manager

Hi! I’m Oliverio

Oliverio Baroni

Front End Dev.

Hi! I’m Belen

Belen Trigueros

Front End Dev.

Hi! I’m Fede

Fede Raffa

Full Stack Dev.

ariel-memoji https://wcanvas.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Ari-web-300x300.png
Hi! I’m Ariel

Ariel Vazquez

Full Stack Dev.

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