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A successful website is one that solves problems. A platform with reliable, high-quality health information for people to solve their medical needs online? That’s a real problem solver.

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The Client

If you’ve ever searched the internet for health resources, you know it’s a minefield of misinformation, misdiagnoses, and dense, incomprehensible articles.

The people behind DoctorPedia understood this problem and came to us with one question: what if there was a way for users to find healthcare resources they can trust and understand, all in one place?

 They saw the potential for a platform filled with resources of all types for anyone seeking medical help online. And they needed our help developing a website that was up to the task.

The Need

DoctorPedia’s goal was to create an online medical platform that actually helps people. With so much fake news circulating online, DoctorPedia needed a website that (unlike its counterparts) has visitors as its topmost priority.

But to revolutionize online health, things had to be done differently.

The Goal

The job at hand was ambitious: creating the platform that will transform online access to health information.

And to achieve this, we not only needed a navigable structure for everyone to find what they needed in a few clicks but also had to present these resources in a way that users would trust and understand.

Transforming access to health information.

For the story to stand out, we needed unique, custom-made content. No ready-mades, no repetitions. Only tailored, custom-built illustrations and animations that told the exact story that we wanted to tell.

Illustration 1
Illustration 2
Illustration 1
Illustration 2

Thus, for DoctorPedia to become the leading online health platform 3 priorities had to be achieved: The resources had to be pleasant to consume and understand, they had to be easy to find, they had to be trustworthy and reliable. This is how we did it.


Content They Can Understand & Enjoy

Content is the heart of the DoctorPedia project. Without high-quality, reliable, engaging content, the project falls apart.

But most health websites only focus on providing information that is responsible from a healthcare perspective. And this often results in boring, unreadable information that is almost inaccessible for most users.

We realized that the best way to give users the content they deserve was by creating content of all types! So for the DoctorPedia website, we developed a structure that classifies content by type. The website includes:

  •  Video Library,
  • App Review section,
  • Blogs,
  • Podcast Archive,
  • and more!

Information That is Easy to Find

With all this content available, our next challenge was figuring out how to organize it all in an instinctive, easy-to-understand structure.

Our solution was building a network of condition-specific websites featuring engaging content, tools, and links on each condition. This meant around 2k websites for different conditions: coronary artery disease, cancer, diabetes, HIV, and more.

Resources They Can Trust

DoctorPedia offers huge amounts of content, tailored to fit the needs of pretty much every user. We also figured out a way to organize it in a way that is intuitive and easy to understand.

That is why the DoctorPedia website is led by real doctors, who curate all the resources and create exclusive content for the platform.

Users can find doctors according to location, specialties, treatments, insurances, hospitals, and more. To that end, we developed a Doctor Platform where any doctor can create a profile, define their specialties, and upload content (from articles to videos and app reviews).

Final Mockup (1)
Final Mockup (1)


With a library of over 2k doctor-led websites, DoctorPedia is the world’s largest network of health websites. But what sets DoctorPedia apart is that they actually help people manage their health and wellness goals, providing information they can find, understand, and trust. In this way, DoctorPedia can truly transform access to health information online.

When developing a business (or a website), the potential user is the most important factor to consider. For this project, we developed a website that puts the needs of the user first: identifying their problems and building the solution they need.

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