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Websites can tell great stories. Learn how we built an automobile-themed website for RevPartners, a growth agency that has a story to tell.

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The Client

RevPartners is not your regular growth agency: it is a revenue machine. With a proven growth operations framework, RevPartners builds revenue engines that help businesses start winning. Go further, faster!

The Need

With all the revenue agencies out there, RevPartners wanted to show that they are not the same than the rest. So they came to us with one need: a website that stands out.

And they had a very specific way to do that, too. They wanted to explore the idea of a powerful car engine that supercharges businesses to the next level. They wanted an automobile-themed website. Not your regular agency; not your regular website.

The Goal

Our task was to build a website that tells the story of the massive, powerful RevPartners engine that makes their clients win every single race.
We realized that the best way to tell that story was through illustrations and animations – but only if that content was 100% unique and custom-made.


We worked on the initial idea together with the client, building 3 mood boards. Each one explored the story of the RevPartners car race from a different angle.

This is the final mood board that we agreed on.
Once the initial approach was decided, we dived into the best part: telling the story.

A Story To Be Told

For the story to stand out, we needed unique, custom-made content.  No ready-mades, no repetitions. Only tailored, custom-built illustrations and animations that told the exact story that we wanted to tell.

We used literal elements of the world of cars across navigation: engines, pistons, roads, traffic.

Stories are not only told with words

And we used all the tools available to tell this one. Design elements not only make a website beautiful, but they also can convey information, set the tone and affect emotions. On a website, a lot can be communicated by illustrations, animations, UI elements, and colors.


Always moving forward

You will notice there are almost no curved lines on the website - that is no coincidence.
The straight lines have the shape of a speed race track, introducing users to the story of the race. They also generate a feeling of moving forward.

Navigation elements were also tailor-designed to tell the same story.

We set the idea of a race, “Agency vs. RevPartners”, and when the users scroll, the RevPartners car scrolls along with them while they read a detailed story of the race.



RevPartners wanted to stand out from the rest and they realized they needed a website that was out of the ordinary to do that. The result was a website that takes custom-made to the next level. We had a lot of fun playing with the world of cars for this website! See how every design element follows the same goal? For the RevPartners website, we used all the tools available in web design with a single purpose: telling a story.

This website is a great example of why custom-made content is so important. Working with a good illustrator to create a design that reflects the service the website offers can result in a great outcome.

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