Case Study RevSearch

You can have the right engine, fuel and technology, but at the end of the day, you need an elite driver to win the race.
This is RevSearch, the specialist in Revenue Operations.

Delivery Web Design & WordPress Dev.
Duration 8 Weeks

The Client

RevSearch is a high-end HR consultancy firm from Atlanta, with a very particular goal: Finding the right growth driver for your company. Interesting, right?

With their experience and talent, they can find the right fit for any company, especially in high-growth PE & VC backed SaaS companies.

The Need

Their business had grown and evolved and they saw the need for a website. They came to us with a clear need, creating a high-impact business website to showcase their premium offer, empowering their brand narrative.

The Goal

For us, achieving a quality site is an objective in every project, but particularly with RevSearch we had to convey excellence and speed, two of our client’s business concepts.
The deadline was extremely short, and this served as a guideline for us to come up with an original, clear site that would generate new contacts for our client. Launching on time was the main goal.

It is a super dynamic site, very agile to navigate.
True to form, RevSearch communicates clearly but concisely.
With such straight-forward content, our function was to correctly organize the information without losing attractiveness and reading speed.

We worked with the idea of movement, after all, speed is a distinctive element of the brand. Transitions, the display of extra content, even shapes and diagonals move around while scrolling on the site, enveloping the user in a simple but pleasant site to navigate.

The call to actions are always present throughout the navigation and always visible.
The animations don’t add noise to the page, but rather accentuate the key cues and goals.



We delivered a website that, in addition to its refinement and simplicity, reinforces the values and concepts of the brand.
Easy to access, dynamic and agile, a website that met the needs of the client and that its users will enjoy browsing. Go ahead! We invite you to discover a site with a narrative like no other.

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