An eCommerce website allows visitors to find their products, add them to their "cart," and securely enter their payment information to complete their purchase. Find out how we built this eCommerce for Biogénesis Bagó.


Offering the best online experience

Not only was the design tailor-made for the customer, but the development of the platform was also custom-built specifically for our client’s needs. Keeping the business goal in mind and aiming for the best possible user experience, we created a customized WordPress theme from scratch, optimized for performance and conversion.


With all the particular features this platform needed, the default, off-the-shelf WordPress setup was far from meeting our client’s needs. As often happens with these ready-made, one-size-fits-all solutions, it fell short in delivering all the specific functionalities this platform required.


But far from being a problem, these are great opportunities to showcase the power of customization. We created a variety of custom plugins to meet the expected flows and include all the extra functionalities the platform required.

Among these features were the possibility to calculate the discount price depending on the amount of purchases, or being able to send custom Promo Codes after checking out to claim your discount on withdrawal points. These additions enhanced the experience for both the users and the client.




To define the purchase flow of the products and the selection of branches, we started the project with a quick representation in LO-FI that allowed us to iterate dynamically with our client.

Taking safe steps in establishing a more finished design is essential in our design process.

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Biogénesis Bagó wanted a way to increase their sales while also getting to know their customers better. We built a platform for them to achieve this goal. The results were incredible: with 3 campaigns concluded, Biogénesis Bagó achieved multi-million dollar profits with thousands of products sold via the platform. In fact, their revenue almost tripled from the first to the second campaign. And, at the same time, they got +500 vets and +1600 suppliers to sign up to the platform, offering first-hand quality customer information. Cheers to that!