AMC Networks - elGourmet

Seeking a modern and vibrant rebrand, AMC Networks - elGourmet entrusted us with the task of revamping their website. Together, we embraced the challenge of creating a user-centric design that captures the brand's essence while enticing a younger audience.

The Client

elGourmet is one of AMC Networks’ biggest and most emblematic Cooking Channels in Argentina and LATAM. With over 20 years of experience, elGourmet has seen come and go some of the most important Chefs in the Region.

The Need

As most major brands do every once in a while, they go through a rebrand. In this case they wanted to bring a more modern and updated look and feel to the brand, which meant of course also updating the website’s look a little bit. That’s where we came in. 

The Goal

The main goal of this project was to work side by side with the client’s team to ensure that the new redesign of the website could reflect what the brand was trying to convey to the public.

Even though it’s still one of the most emblematic brands in Argentina, they felt the need to get closer to a younger audience, bringing in talents from different platforms other than just TV, like TikTok or Instagram.

So the site needs to be more modern, user-friendly, and simple. However, it shouldn’t lose its‘ magic touch that makes the brand stand out and be one of the most trustworthy sources of cooking information in LATAM

The Process

The whole project was a challenge, from start to finish. Before we even got to design anything we decided that the best course of action for a project of this size would be to do User Experience Research first, to make sure we are not only working towards our Client’s Goals but also towards our user’s goals. 

UX Research

For the AMC Networks – elGourmet project, we embarked on an extensive UX research process to ensure a user-centered design approach.

We conducted comprehensive research, which involved gathering data and insights from surveys, interviews with a variety of users, and analytics. 

User Interaction

This helped us understand user behaviors, motivations, and expectations, enabling us to make informed decisions and prioritize features that would deliver the most value to our users.

Knowing our users

To validate our design decisions and gather direct user feedback, we conducted user testing sessions. By observing users interact with the interface, we gained valuable insights into their pain points, usability issues, and overall user experience. This iterative process allowed us to refine and optimize the design based on real user feedback, ensuring a more intuitive and engaging product.

User Personas

Afterwards we continued by creating detailed user personas that represented our target audience. These personas provided valuable insights into users’ goals, behaviors, and preferences, enabling us to tailor the product to their specific needs.

By integrating user personas, user testing, and user research into the UX research process for the AMC – elGourmet project, we were able to create a user-centric design that resonates with our audience and delivers an enjoyable user experience.

UI Design

As part of the elGourmet Project, we collaborated closely with AMC’s design team to revamp the website’s user interface (UI) design. Our goal was to give the site a fresh and youthful look that aligns with the brand’s rebranding efforts. The redesigned UI embraced a simplistic and vibrant approach, incorporating an abundance of shapes and colors.

Color played a crucial role in the new UI design, reflecting the brand’s personality and trajectory, as elGourmet is one of the most emblematic brands in Argentina. We employed a rich and diverse color palette, carefully selecting shades that harmonized with the rebranding guidelines.

Through meticulous UX research and imaginative UI design, we forged a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation, delivering an enchanting online experience for food enthusiasts across LATAM.

Real Impact

In this period, we have witnessed a significant surge in the number of users, surpassing 300.000, compared to the 141.000 users we had during the same period last year. This substantial increase highlights the expanding reach and popularity of the platform.


AMC Networks - elGourmet is a captivating website redesign that seamlessly blends modernity with the brand's enchanting culinary legacy. Check out their brand new website!