These days it's hard to find quality content for young kids that actually teaches them about things that really matter. G.O.A.L. is here to change that!

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The Client

Our client wanted a website where they could showcase the work they do to teach children in fun ways. Important and memorable lessons are found in every piece of content they create and they wanted a place where kids could find these videos, games, and comics, and learn from them!

The Need

Nowadays kids have content constantly bombarded at them. Unfortunately, not all of that content has any educational value.


Our main objective was to find a way to combine all of this educational content and put it on a website that was easy to navigate and engaging for the kids.

The Goal

The goal was clear, creating a website that showcased the amazing educational content our client creates while making it super attractive and interactive for kids.


Changing our target audience from adults to kids was an interesting challenge, and we were up to the task! After some research, we figured out that pairing bright colors with interesting fonts and 3D objects was the way to go.

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We wanted to make sure the website was easy to navigate, and keeping in mind that kids are our main audience, it had to be fun to scroll through. So colors, big fonts and fun pictures were a must.


Everything on G.O.A.L. is completely original and unique. Every piece of content is custom made, has an important lesson and is of educational value for kids.


Other than having a lot of educational value, G.O.A.L. is based on entertainment. That is why we came up with a fun style, full of colors and 3D characters that give the website that playful and entertaining feeling.


The site has it all, games, comics, short stories, videos, and much more.
And not only for kids! The website also has a ‘Teaching Portal’ made specifically for teachers. There they can find a lot of fun and interesting content to use in their lessons.

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The use of strong and bright colors helps readability and legibility by providing enough contrast between text and background. This was important to keep in mind, since the website is mainly for young children.


3D elements are found all across the website. These offer a realistic look and help make the design more memorable!

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An amazing project, with its own imprint and language and a sensational idea: helping children to better understand the problems and challenges of the world. The result is a site that overflows with personality and content quality. Without a doubt a project that will change the world.