Can a website be so impressive that it gets users to schedule a demo in seconds? In this case study we will show you how your brand identity can change the whole game

The Client

Supered is a digital adoption platform built for the HubSpot ecosystem.

They deliver training and guidance when and where teams need it – while and -where they work: navigating processes, using technologies and learning methodologies.

They turn sales reps, admins, and marketers into CRM superheroes.

The Need

At Supered, they don’t like doing things like everybody else, their website was not going to be the exception. 

They needed a unique brand identity and designs that helped them stand out.

The Goal

Our goal was to create a superhero-like brand identity that could represent Supered and that was also used to create their impressive website design.
These designs were expected to communicate to users that they are different.

Moodboards and Inspiration

The first step was building 3 mood boards based on the style guidelines they shared with us. Each mood board represented the superhero-like feel from different perspectives.
The first option was colorful, complex, and busy, with a lot of 3D fonts and illustrations.

Defining the style

Once the style was defined, we started a process of iterations where we worked along with the client to create the perfect website design for Supered. 

Some of the first drafts are worth looking at:

Custom Illustrations

We created unique illustrations representing the characters and universes of Vintage Comics’ graphic novels. These images helped establish an emotional connection with site visitors.

Every screen was designed to tell a visual story. From the homepage to services and news sections.

Visual Style

We opted for bold, saturated colors reminiscent of hues commonly used in traditional comics. This contributed to the overall energy and vibrancy of the design.

The successful implementation of the comic-inspired style in web design resulted in a site that stood out amidst industry competitors.

Creative Approach

Our creative approach focused on implementing a comic-inspired style throughout all aspects of the design. From the color palette to the typography choice, each element was designed to evoke the feeling of immersing oneself in a graphic novel.

Eye-catching design

Visitors were drawn in by the design’s originality and the site’s ability to effectively convey the essence of vintage comics. Interaction and time spent on the site increased, leading to more conversions and improved user engagement.


After a dynamic and agile iteration work with the client, we managed to create a unique website design that can reflect Supered’s identity and impress most of its visitors. And it actually did its job: +30 demos were scheduled after the site went live! And half the time, the first thing people said was they loved the website. When designing a website, the Nº 1 goal is that it can represent the brand’s identity and this one sure did.