The New York Times

We developed a brand new site for The New York Times - Media Kit, a place where marketers can look for the different advertising options to publish on The New York Times


The Client

The New York Times is one of the most prestigious newspapers in North America and maybe the world, with more than 9.17 million paid subscribers.

The Need

As it’s well known, one of the most significant revenue streams for newspapers is advertising, things were easier early on when you had just one advertising format. With the rise of digital, the different types of advertising have grown exponentially. So the NYT needed a site to showcase all the different types of advertising they offer so companies could pick the right one for them.

The Solution

We worked side-by-side with the FictiveKin and The New York Times design team to create a smooth performance-focused experience. After exploring a few options, we knew that GatsbyJS was the way to go, a lighting-fast experience with an exceptional SEO ranking and all the benefits of ReactJS but with server-side rendering. Managing the content in real-time is a new standard nowadays, so we integrated the front end with contentful CMS to give the client an easy way to manage the content behind the scenes.

mockup mockup
mockup cover


The new site displays clean, dynamic, agile, and intuitive information. The design gives the user an outstanding experience focusing on performance. We delivered a website that, in addition to its refinement and simplicity, reinforces the brand's values and concepts by efficiently meeting its users' needs. We invite you to browse the website!